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Importance of good wayfinding

Good wayfinding is important at an airport. Only with the right signage passengers will find their way through your airport terminal and show up on time at the right gate.

At each airport passengers will see on the departure screens where they have to go. But after that they have to look around for static signage to find their way. That sounds not very logical. They may forget their gate number or when they arrive at the gate it may turn out there has been a gate change. Dynamic airport wayfinding will help to avoid situations like these.

FIDS Departures

Smart Airport Wayfinding

Use the existing FIDS screens at your airport to dynamically guide passengers. Extend the displayed flight information with information about estimated walking distances and an arrow showing the right direction. This way they have all information they need at hand.

Make sure the wayfinding information reflects the actual information. If you know it’s busy at the security area increase the walking distance so people know it takes more time to get to the gate. Alternatively use a sophisticated system to automatically adjust the wayfinding when the preferred route is blocked.

Optimize the usage of the facilities at your airport with dynamic airport wayfinding. When you recognize a peak in the amount of people using the toilet facilities, guide them automatically to the next toilet facilities.

PADS4 Digital Signage Software

PADS4 is perfectly suited for dynamic wayfinding. Collect your wayfinding information from all sources you have, let PADS4 combine it and present the wayfinding information just the way you like.

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