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From Static to Digital Advertising

In the tax free shops, at the self-service restaurants or in the waiting areas of your airport, everywhere you’ll see more and more static printed ads being replaced by digital ones.

Of course there is the reason for savings on printing costs, but apart from that digital advertising also opens an entire new era of dynamic advertising.
Many airports already use digital advertising, for instance by showing ads on the FIDS screens. But only a very few airports really adapt their advertising to the situation and their audience.

FIDS Departures

Smart Digital Advertising

Smart Digital Advertising means that you maximally engage with your target audience through context-sensitive, often personalized advertising. This makes advertising more profitable and gives your advertisers maximum return on their investments.

The best moment for advertising is when people will make a decision. Suppose that people see on one the FIDS screens that their flight has been significantly delayed. Wouldn’t it be nice to instantly show them a special offer that will attract them to your restaurant?

Passengers waiting for their flight to Las Vegas could be convinced to book one of the shows with up-to-date information about the availability of tickets. A QR-code that they can scan with their smart phone will lead them directly to the booking site.

Shops can use IP cameras and audience recognition software to give people personalized promotions, based on age, gender or even their mood. With technologies like NFC and I-Beacon the digital advertising can even be made interactive.

PADS4 Digital Signage Software

With the PADS4 digital signage software you have all the tools you need for dynamic, context-driven digital advertising. The many built-in data providers of PADS4 enable you to collect your input from a nearly unlimited number of data sources. By defining dynamic rules in PADS4 you tell the system exactly how to respond to it with the right content.

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