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From static to digital menu boards

You‘ll see it more and more, also at airports. Traditional static menu boards being replaced by digital ones. Especially in quick service restaurants this is a rapidly growing trend.

A big advantage of digital menu boards is that you can apply pricing and assortment changes quite easily, without having to replace the entire menu board.

But there are many other reasons why you should switch from writing your menu with a chalk on a blackboard to having it displayed on a digital menu board.

Smart Digital Menu Boards

Digital menu boards enable you to vary your menu boards during the day. In the morning use your entire menu boards to promote your breakfast menus. Food that’s only available in the afternoon will not show up before the afternoon, saving you a lot of questions.

Increase your revenue by promoting foods and drinks you prefer to sell. Convince customers by demonstrating videos about the cooking process. If a product is sold out, take it from your digital menu board with immediate effect.

Passengers at your airport are often in a hurry and anxious to catch their flight. A separate digital menu board with products that are instantly available may be just enough to bring them in. Up-to-date flight information in your restaurant will make them even more relaxed.

PADS4 Digital Signage Software

With PADS4 you have the ideal software to drive your digital menu boards. Connect it to your Content Management System from where you manage your food and drinks. Define dynamic rules in PADS4 and have your menu board dynamically adjust itself to the situation.

Read more about our PADS4 software