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Clear and effective evacuation instructions

Of course we all hope it’s never needed. But if there will ever be an emergency situation at your airport it’s crucial that everybody gets evacuated as soon as possible.

In an emergency situation people quickly start to panic. To prevent this panic as much as possible it’s important to give them clear and effective instructions. The FIDS monitors at your airport can help you to provide everyone with the right emergency evacuation message.

FIDS Departures

Smart Emergency Evacuation

With an emergency evacuation every second counts. With an emergency dashboard application decide in a few steps what message needs to be display and in what area of your airport. After you press the button all FIDS screens in this area will automatically turn into an emergency evacuation messaging system.

Ambert alert messages about a missing child – if necessary accompanied with a photo – can be put on the screens in no time. If all screens at your airport are bundled into one airport wide signage network, they are all available to display your emergency messages.

Automate the display of emergency evacuation messages by connecting your digital signage network to your central alarm system. Make it even smarter and have every display show an arrow pointing to its nearest emergency exit.

PADS4 Digital Signage Software

With the PADS4 digital signage software have all freedom to design your own evacuation messages. Use one of the many data providers to link to your alarm system. Define dynamic rules to decide what type of emergency evacuation message needs to be displayed in what situation.

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