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More than just entertainment

At an airport passengers often face long and boring waiting periods. Infotainment – the combination of information and entertainment – helps them to kill the time during these dull moments.

In many airport waiting areas the infotainment is limited to showing live TV, often even without sound making it sometimes useless. While infotainment can be so much more effective.

FIDS Departures

Smart Infotainment

Smart infotainment not only reduces the people’s perception of the waiting time, it also effectively uses the time to feed them with valuable information.

A large video wall in your departure hall that shows people live news flashes in combination with other relevant content, especially created for this purpose is already a good start.

At the security area, beside that boring instruction video you could also show interesting, positive facts about security, interspersed with funny animations. This way the waiting suddenly becomes a lot more pleasant.

Embrace the possibilities of social media. Show your passengers Tweets or Instagram photos posted by their family and relatives to virtually say goodbye.

PADS4 Digital Signage Software

With PADS4 you have everything you need to create and show stunning presentations, full of infotainment. Let PADS4 collect real-time content from RSS news feeds or social media, combine it with rich text, picture, videos, Flash animations, live TV or whatever you like and present it in a visually appealing way.

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