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Real-time Flight Information to find your way

Many people are somewhat stressed when they arrive at an airport. They are exiting about what’s going to happen and want to be assured that they don’t miss their flight.

Accurate and up-to-date flight information helps them to feel comfortable and enjoy their stay at your airport. But there is much more what passenger information can do than just showing real-time flight information.

FIDS Departures

Smart Passenger Information

At NDS we do our best to assist airports with ways to improve the communication with their passengers. We come with suggestions to make more relevant and personalized content and thus enhance the overall travel experience of their passengers.

As an example we connect our FIDS software with the public announcement system of the airport. That way passengers can watch the screens to see back the voice announcement they just missed.

At the baggage belt where people have to wait you may already provide them with relevant information like visa instructions or information about public transport to the city center to save them time afterwards.

In the business lounge, personalize flight information to the people being around. Proactively notify your travels when it’s time to proceed to the gate to catch their flight.

PADS4 Digital Signage Software

All this – and of course much more – is possible with the PADS4 digital signage software of NDS. With the PADS4 software you can display flight information in combination with any relevant passenger information and have it dynamically adjusted to the actual situation.

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