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Optimizing Passenger Flows

At an airport it’s important that passenger flows will run smoothly. If an increase in the number of passengers leads to significant delays then passengers will arrive too late at the gate. This in its turn will cause flights to be delayed which can be a costly affair.

Often it already starts at the check-ins with large waiting queues for a small number of check-in counters. Clear and flexible information on the monitors may help handling passengers at the check-in area to run smoothly.

Most airports only guide their passengers into the right direction with static signage, while dynamic signage can really help to prevent waiting queues.

FIDS Departures

Smart Queue Management

If you provide your passengers with the right information at the moments they need to make a decision, you will be able to influence and steer them significantly.

When they arrive at the baggage check area, show them accurate information about the actual waiting times per queue. You’ll see that people will automatically choose the fastest waiting queue. In addition Infotainment will help to reduce their perception of the waiting time.

How often have you been at a gate where the majority of the passengers missed most of the announced boarding instructions? Display the same boarding announcements on the gate screens and it’s for sure that the boarding procedure will run faster and less chaotic.

If you manage to reduce waiting times with smart queue management, passengers also have more time to spent money in the shopping area and restaurants of your airport. So, effective display communication can be really profitable!

PADS4 Digital Signage Software

The PADS4 digital signage software has everything you need to implement the above examples of smart queue management. Collect real-time data from people counter, queue management or audience measurement systems and use PADS4 to make queue management really smart.

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