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The importance of flight information

The display of flight information is extremely important for an airport. Without the right flight information passengers don’t know where to go and when their flight will depart. Visitors are unknown about the arrival time of their relatives and airport personnel is not informed about internal flight details. As a result the airport will end up in chaos.

So, for an airport it’s crucial that people get well informed with flight information that is both accurate and up-to-date. Also the information should be adapted to the situation so that the right people get the right information. Information behind the security area for instance must be different from the information in the departure hall.

To take care of all this nearly every airport nowadays has a Flight Information Display System, often briefly called FIDS.

Flight Information Display System

A Flight Information Display System covers everything that has to do with the display of flight information inside – and often also outside – the airport terminal.

The most visible part of a FIDS are of course the digital screens that you will find all around the airport terminal. From overview screens in the arrival & departure hall and screens above the check-in counters to screens at the gates and baggage belts. Ideally, every place where a passenger is expected to make a decision or to look for information would need to have one of more screens.

The FIDS screens are usually professional, intelligent monitors in portrait or landscape orientation with a build-in or attached appliance. To maximize possibilities airports often use a Microsoft Windows based PC for this. To reduce costs some airports nowadays choose for Android devices with an HTML5 solution as an alternative.

A FIDS system is not always limited to the display of flight information. It may also include a Flight Information Management Systems (FIMS). This facility to store and manage all relevant flight related information is used as a standalone solution or linked to the Airport Operation Database (AODB) in which all operational data of the airport is centrally stored.

Some airports have special variants of FIDS like a Baggage Information Display Systems (BIDS) or Gate Information Display System (GIDS). Other airports use a generic term like Passenger Information Display System (PIDS) to indicate their system. There are also airports where major airlines have their own FIDS.

Flight Information Display Software

By far the most important part of a Flight Information Display System is the software. The features of the FIDS software greatly determine the possibilities of the total FIDS solution.

At NDS we dare to say that our FIDS software can handle nearly every display situation at your airport you can possibly think of. Beside unlimited number of ways to represent your flight information you may combine it with any other relevant content: from simple advertising to social media posts or even live TV. And that’s just the beginning!

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