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FIDS Departures

Manage and display flight-related information

With FIDS software you typically manage centrally what you want to display on the FIDS screens across your airport. From the FIDS screens at the arrival & departure hall and the check-in area to the screens at the gates and baggage belts, in the business lounge and at all other places where flight information is required.If you first want to know more about FIDS in general before you continue reading, then please have a look at our page about Flight Information Display Systems.

Smart FIDS

Smart FIDS

Each FIDS product is able to display flight information. Most products nowadays also have the ability show flight information in combination with advertising. That’s all no big deal. The question is how you can do more for your passengers by making your FIDS smart.

For your FIDS software to be smart it should ‘recognize a situation’ by itself and dynamically respond to it by displaying contextually relevant content that best suits the needs of your audience.

For example displayed flight information at your airport may include directions and walking distances to the gate. However, to make it really smart it would need to dynamically adjust itself to the waiting times at the security check.

New technologies enable you to go even further. With smart phone analysis tools you have the possibility to detect for instance that the majority of your audience is Spanish. In that case the FIDS software could automatically respond by adding Spanish as an additional language to the flight information on the screens.

FIDS software of NDS

With our products you have smart FIDS software to display flight information in any possible situation at your airport.

When you already have your flight information available in any industry-standard database format then probably all you need is our PADS4 display software to distribute and display it.

If you are looking for a total FIDS solution including software to manage your timetables and operational flights then choose our FIDS4 software as well.


Award-winning digital signage software to display your flight information and much more, exactly the way you like it.
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