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Endless ways to present your flight information

PADS4 stands for first class software to present your flight information. Flight information in both English and Arabic or any other language, combined with advertising, news feeds or even live TV? Imagine what you want to show to your passengers and you will see it’s possible with PADS4.

What makes the PADS4 software really unique are the database connectivity features and dynamic rules. Automatically insert rows for code-shared flights on your departure screens. Dynamically turn your gate screen into another layout in case of a gate change or an emergency situation. These are just a few examples how we make your FIDS smart.

The nearly unlimited number of features and support of the newest technologies makes that your imagination will be the biggest limitation of our Flight Information Display software.

And if the FIDS solution you are looking for is really not yet included in our software, then simply develop it yourself with our Software Development Kit (SDK).

PADS4 box

Why PADS4?

  • High-end, stable and proven Flight Information Display software
  • Endless possibilities for digital signage
  • Based on 20+ years of experience
  • Installations varying from 1 to 10,000+ screens
  • Excellent technical support

Key Features

Designer using PADS

Design your own screen layouts

With PADS4 Designer you have a powerful design tool to create your own stunning FIDS screen layouts. Text, pictures, videos, Internet pages, Flash and live TV are just a small selection of the content that is supported. Design your arrivals & departures presentations even quicker with the powerful Table element.

Designer using PADS

Unrivalled data connectivity

Including real-time flight information from your FIDS database into your screen has never been easier. Link page elements to your data with just a couple of mouse clicks. By using advanced options like data scrolling, filtering and conditional rules you can make your presentation respond truly dynamic.

conveyer belt delivering content

Fast delivery, minimal network traffic

PADS4 guarantees that your presentations, media files and real-time flight information are delivered fast and efficiently to your displays. Information is automatically compressed consuming less network bandwidth and local caching at the displays prevents unnecessary retransmission of data.

filmstrip with PADS presentations

Any display, any resolution

PADS4 supports displays of any size or resolution. Use a standard display in landscape or portrait mode, an Ultra HD display with a 4K resolution or even a video wall to play your content. Optionally, add interactivity to your presentations to run it on touch screens. Next, choose the right PADS4 Viewer for optimal playback.

Woman using remote control

Manage your displays remotely

With PADS4 Agent you have the perfect tool to monitor and remotely manage your FIDS network. Network connections, memory usage and detailed logs to follow the delivery of real-time flight data are just a few of the possibilities. Automate the monitoring process using predefined tasks with built-in auto recovery.

rising graph

Grow with your network

Our Flight Information Display software has been designed to work with large number of displays. It easily handles up to hundreds of connected displays. If you think your system will exceed the capacity of one PADS4 Server, simply add additional PADS4 Sub Servers, reroute your displays and the capacity of your system has been extended.

More information?

Want to know more about the PADS4 Flight Information Display software? Please visit our company website or fill out our contact form to get in touch.

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