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Manage your flight information, simple and effectively

Beside the PADS4 Flight Information Display software also looking for software to manage your flight information? Then the PADS4 FIDS software of NDS is the ideal choice.

With this Flight Information Management software you have a simple but effective solution for your small to medium-sized airport to keep your flight information up-to-date.

PADS4 FIDS is entirely focused on the display of flight information. From the operational flight details being displayed on the FIDS overview screens to the check-in allocations and baggage belt statuses. This makes the application extremely intuitive to use.

The stored flight information is offered to your display software in a way that it can be directly used. So no need for difficult interfaces to reformat your flight data. And of course it seamlessly links up with our PADS4 software.

PADS4 box


  • Out-of-the-box flight information management software
  • Suitable for small and medium-sized airports
  • Perfect combination with PADS4 display software
  • Excellent technical support

Key Features


Timetable management

Schedule your flights for the entire season upfront and fully benefit from it in your day-to-day operations. To save time pre-allocate your check-ins, gates and baggage belts.

screen with daily flights

Operational flights

Manage your arriving and departing flights of today. Make sure your FIDS screens show an up-to-date departure time, flight status, flight remark and much more.

gate sign

Resource allocations

Allocate check-ins, gates and baggage belts to your flight. If necessary change the gate and let your passengers know there has been a gate change.

Welcome in different languages

Multilingual support

Optimally inform your passengers in multiple languages about your airlines, destinations, statuses and remarks. In English, Arabic, Chinese or any language you like.

Woman using remote control

IATA and ICAO standards

Choose to work with IATA or ICAO standards for your flights and other items. Our Flight Information Management software can work with both standards.



Use our Software Development Kit to build your own custom FIDS application or interface with external systems like an Airport Operational Database or website.

More information?

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