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NDS has been established in 1994. Since its start the company is active in the airport industry with FIDS software to display real-time flight information to passengers and staff.

In the period 1995 – 2000 NDS was responsible for the FIDS software solution introduced by SITA and branded as AirportVision.

During the years NDS has evolved into a company that can do much more than just FIDS. Beside powerful FIDS software we now provide smart software solutions for every possible situation at an airport that requires dynamic display communication.

Net Display Systems building

Mission & strategy

At NDS we strive to make the best possible standard software for digital signage, with the airport industry as a special focus.

With our in-depth expertise about Flight Information Display Systems (FIDS) we understand the unique and mission-critical role of passenger communication at an airport. Without the right information passengers don’t know where to go and your airport will end-up in chaos.

Engaging with the people at your airport is so much more than just displaying real-time flight information. Every situation requires its own smart display solution to optimally serve your passengers, visitors and staff.

Our award-winning PADS4 digital signage software can be the key to success in this with dynamic content that automatically responds to situation changes.

Digital signage technologies

Newest technologies play an important role in our day-to-day activities. We always want to innovate and transform new technologies into useful new features for our customers.

Back in the nineties this resulted into NDS being the first to offer a standard Designer application for FIDS screen templates. This enabled airport personnel to design and implement their own screen layouts without having to hire expensive third parties for this.

Another example are our unequalled database connectivity features. With this including real-time flight information from any possible FIDS database into your screen templates has been simplified to just a couple of mouse clicks.

Right now, we are already looking at the technologies that will become available tomorrow!

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