About Net Display Systems

Back in the nineties NDS was one of the pioneers of what is now called digital signage: targeted communication through digital displays. With an airport and IT background we developed one of the very first standard software products for digital signage with a special focus on Flight Information Display Systems (FIDS).

Nowadays, our PADS4 digital signage software is a leading software solution for every situation at your airport that requires dynamic display communication.

Why NDS?

  • 20+ years of FIDS and digital signage experience
  • High-end, stable and proven software
  • Installations varying from 1 to 10,000+ screens
  • Experts in real-time data connectivity

To find out more about NDS, read our company profile.

Industry partners

FIDS and digital signage software is in our DNA, that’s what we are good at. For total solutions that may also include things like displays, public announcements through voice or system integration activities we work closely together with renowned companies in the airport industry.

To see who we have teamed up with check our list of strategic FIDS partners.

Realized projects

Every day worldwide millions of people watch the displays running the digital signage software of NDS. Our installations vary from simple standalone solutions to national or global, complex and often mission critical digital signage applications.

Our references are not limited to the airport industry only. They can be found in any situation that requires targeted display communication. At the moment more than a quarter of the 100 worlds most recognized brands have already chosen PADS4.

To see some of the projects we have realized in the airport industry, have a look at our airport references.